Strengthen your childs motor skills...

...with easy everyday exercises that doesn't require any tools

Between the age of 0-6 months it is important that your child spends as much time as possible laying on its stomach, as this will strengthen the neck, shoulders and back. It is also important that you focus on developing a good sense of balance for your child. This will decrease the possibility of dizziness and motion sickness when your child gets older. 

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      This exercise soothes your child’s gastrointestinal system. It is great for your child as it transitions to more “solid” food. Remember to go clockwise!

      Playing with spinners can motivate your child to active head lifting. When your child is on its tummy, the play contributes to developing your child’s neck- and back musculature, which are the foundation for developing motor skills in general.

      When you swing your child, you stimulate the vestibular sense. Along with vision, this sense helps give your child a sense of its own balance. Make it even more fun by letting your child briefly stand on its feet. This helps create stability in the legs and hips, which is a prerequisite for the milestones of scooting and crawling.

      Soap bubbles can help your child stay on its tummy a little longer. If your child reaches for the bubbles, this will also strengthen your child’s sense of balance.

      Here is a couple of exercises that will develop your child’s motor skills:

      • If your child is discontent laying on his stomach, try placing it in your lap, while sitting on the couch with your legs bend. This will stimulate your child to lift his head, because he is able to look out into the room instead of looking down into the floor
      • Keep eye contact and smile at your child. This is the most natural way for you and your child to communicate and connect
      • Gently touching your child’s legs, arms, stomach and face will increase its body awareness
      • Doing biking exercises with your child’s legs can help relieve stomach aches caused by an immature intestinal system
      • Gently grab your child’s arms while it's laying on the floor and pull him up into a sitting position
      • Practise rolling from the back to the stomach and back again
      • Make sure to exercise the right and left side of your child’s body equally
      • Giving your child a good swing will strengthen its sense of balance 
      • Put the most interesting pieces of toy a bit further away to inspire your child to be active

      All exercises is developed in collaboration with motor skill expert Jane Mølleskov Mikkelsen from