Size guide - GoBabyGo

When buying GoBabyGo it is important that the products fit, to get the most out of the function of the rubber pads, which must sit correctly placed on the knees and under the feet.

Here some guidelines for choosing the correct GoBabyGo size: If you are in doubt you can measure your child's foot and see in the chart which size fits best.

Our crawling tights have a long belly piece and a wide ribbed waistband, so they do not tighten around the stomach. This makes them seem longer, and most babies that starts to crawl age fit size 6-12 months best.

If you have a long baby with large feet, you should choose size 12-18 months. – Please see our size chart if any doubt.

GoBabyGo non-slip socks in terry cotton are very soft and elastic and can be stretched out so they adjust to the foot. They are age and size equivalent. They have a long leg piece and an extra rib around the ankle, so they sit well on the small foot and do not fall off easily. The soft layer of yarn that is on the inside of our thick non-slip socks feels soft and comfortable on the skin and makes them suitable for slippers. Slippers with a hard sole can constrain the development of small feet, and we therefore recommend using non-slip socks where the child can feel the surface or go barefoot, when the temperature allows it, so the small feet have the opportunity to develop and grow properly. GoBabyGo non-slip cotton socks are ideal for stimulating your child's motor skills and providing it with the right support during activity and movement.

The thick GoBabyGo socks are not suitable for wearing with shoes – they should be used as indoor slippers and support on slippery floors.

GoBabyGo silky soft bamboo socks sit perfectly on a small active foot. They have an extra long leg piece and an extra rib around the ankle, so they sit well on the foot and leg and do not easily fall off. They are age and size equivalent. There are several children who are sensitive to materials close to their skin, and our bamboo material is a particularly good choice for them as bamboo material is incredibly soft, breathable and perfect for sensitive skin.

The Alpaca wool is known as a luxurious wool, which gives well-being to the feet, as it is easy to breathe in despite the great heating capacity.  Alpaca wool cannot stretch as much, so the socks seem to be on the smaller side.  – Please see our size chart and measurements if any doubt.

Please see our washing guide when you need to wash your Alpaca socks.

Our crawling leggings do not have feet and are therefore easier to fit most babies. However, the rubber pads must be placed correct on the knees for the best functionality. Our leggings have a long belly piece which makes them seem longer, and we advise most customers to choose size 6-12mdr., which suits most babies in the crawling age. If you have a long baby or a baby that is over one year and is not walking, then you should choose size 12-18 months.

We offer finger mittens for children from one year of age, as we believe that children should be able to use their fingers when they are out playing to get their fine motor skills stimulated as much as possible. Our finger mittens with rubber pads on our fingers are available in stretchy cotton or in soft and warm wool, both of which fit perfectly on small hands. The finger mittens have a wide wristband and are adapted to small fingers, making them easier for children to put on, and once they are on, they will more likely keep them on compared to gloves with no fingers, they cannot use their fingers with. The gloves are age equivalent.